Smart Souvenir Shopping


I always feel awkward about the obligation to buy some people gifts from my travel adventures.

I try to be as economical as possible when travelling, so having to buy mementoes for my family and closest friends, coworkers, neighbours, and cousins, and my post carrier…wait! Just like that, the list can quickly get carried away.  Whenever I travel, I find souvenir shopping to be one of the least enjoyable aspects of my trip.  Here are a few helpful tips for removing the stress and making souvenir shopping an easy part of travel.


Don’t Buy Anything for Anyone.*

If coming home with only photographs and memories will not cause you more grief from friends and relatives then screw it! Save your money to create memories money by going on an excursion or adventure. Furthermore, buy something for yourself with that cash instead to commemorate your trip.


“Screw It! Save your money to create memories.” [Tweet This Quote]


If you must buy something for loved ones at home, shop local to support the local economy. Alternatively, you can create a collection of an item from all over the world. For instance, my friends & I have amassed a rather significant shot glass collection from all of our journeys abroad. It is an easy way to see where we have all been over the years and they are useful as well.

*We cannot be held responsible for heartbreak and grief caused by not buying souvenirs for your family and friends, but send them here so they can see for themselves why!


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