My 4 Favourite Flight Search Tools


Navigating the internet for the best flight deals can confusing. Every airline has their own website to book flights on and there are also other tools that search by your departure and destination cities to pull many different airline options for you. If you do not have a preference of airline or alliance and just want to find the best price, you likely already know about some of these flight-finding tools. I will rank top four search tools leading up to my most preferred online resource to find cheap airfare.

4. Google Flights 


Google is the ultimate search engine. Nothing comes close to the Mountain View, California company, which has revolutionized the way we do so much on the internet. It is no doubt that Google Flights makes my list of best flight search engines. Google Flight is my FIRST resource whenever I am looking for airfare. This means that I open up Chrome and quickly type in YYZ to my next destination to get a better idea of the average cost, flights available and airlines.  I save flights and receive emails about updates in price on selected itineraries.

3. Skyscanner


Skyscanner is a great tool as well. Like Google Flights, you can search for itineraries on specific dates and receive alerts when the price changes. This is especially beneficial to follow trends to decide when to purchase your tickets.

2. Momondo


My favourite thing about Momondo is the different booking options. When you search for flights, it will search through hundreds of booking sites to bring you the lowest fares available (hint, it often is not the airline’s website). It is very reliable and works! I also love the bars so you can see the lowest fares at a glance for each dates, which is great if your travel days are flexible.

1. Secret Flying


My number one choice is Secret Flying! Unlike the other sources on this list, Secret Flying is not a flight search so much as it is a provider of cheap airfare. Many times, the best deals that come up are last minute or are available within 3-4 weeks of departure, so you have to be ready to go when you find a great deal from your city.  I would definitely recommend Secret Flying for anyone who is not thinking of a destination in mind, but is rather open to exploring on short notice. I was able to visit The United Kingdom last May, just 19 days after Secret Flying posted a Toronto to London error fare for under $300 CAD. Use the search feature on their website to search for your home city, and follow them on Facebook or Twitter but make sure you turn on notifications so that you never miss a deal and you’ll be happily flying like I was unexpectedly this spring.



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