How Could I Forget to Pack This?


I’m usually really prepared for my travels and I check and double check my packing list before leaving home. For my 24th birthday at the end of January, I took a quick weekend trip to New York City where my brother and other relatives live. I had planned a night out and was looking forward to getting out of Toronto to celebrate. I had a great time celebrating and was surprised with a fully decorated apartment and gifts and loved ones who said they could not attend unexpectedly showed up, to my delight.

On the flight back home, the Air Canada stewardess handed out the Canadian Customs forms. I got up to retrieve my carry-on bag from the overhead bin. When I opened the front pocket, I was shocked to see no pen! I couldn’t believe that I forgot to pack something so simple. I was totally inconvenienced by this! The flight was only half full and so I didn’t have a seat mate to ask to borrow their pen.  When the stewardess came back down the aisle, I asked her if she had one and fortunately she did and she let me borrow it.

Note to self in the future:



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