7 Apps To Take On Your Travels in 2017


When preparing to hit the road, I like to download apps that can help me prepare for my travels, that I don’t necessarily keep on my phone year round. These are seven apps that I’ll definitely be using in 2017 for my journeys.


Amazon’s e-reader is great because you don’t actually need to buy one to have access to millions of titles in the Kindle Store.  With free iOS and Android and Windows Phone apps you can read your favourite books on your smartphone or tablet. If you’d like to have a dedicated Kindle device, have a look at them here -> 



Google Translate

So you’re travelling to a foreign country and don’t speak the main language? Download Google translate on iOS and Android. Download the language(s) that you’ll need abroad when you’re on wifi and don’t worry about needing an internet connection to translate.


Speaking of learning languages, Duolingo is 100% free. It had previously been named the #1 app on both iOS and Android platforms. I have used it for more than 3 years in an attempt to impress locals with simple greetings on my trip to Brazil. Check it out on Windows Phone too.


If you need to know what 10,384 Indian Rupees are in US dollars, then this free currency exchange app is for you.  I track desired currencies trends and it helps me to decide when to buy foreign cash in preparation for a future trip. iOS and Android and Windows Phone


Stay in touch with those important to you with this free messaging app.  Having recently added video calling to it’s capabilities, I believe that Whatsapp raised themselves to another level.  Make sure you are connected on a WiFi network when doing a video call.  A 20 minute video chat can use up upwards of 150 megabytes.* This is still the most used messaging app in many countries around the world. Like many, I use it primarily to communicate with friends and family in other countries to save on my phone plan by not having to call long distance. WhatsApp recently introduced video calling capabilities and I have since uninstalled Skype and Google Duo from my phone.  Make sure you’re connected on iOS or, Android or Windows Phone.


When I travel outside of Canada and the United States, my data is turned off! No roaming charges for me! So what happens when I’m on my way to a desired destination and I realize that I’m lost? Do I turn on my data to check my location & get directions? NO! Even turning on your data for a moment will rack up the megabytes from all the background apps being connected to the internet.  We know our default map applications navigation features are disabled without a data connection.  Well Maps.Me is an app that works offline! You can download the cities or areas that you need when you have a WiFi connection so that when you’re out and about you won’t need to turn on your mobile data to see where you are or where you need to go! Download Maps.Me for iOS and Android


Speaking of Wifi connections, finding WiFi networks around town can be difficult if there isn’t a Starbucks nearby! Wiffinity makes locating networks easy with it’s ever-growing list of wifi networks and passwords generated by users all over the world. Download the app for iOS and Android and join the community to help others stay connected in your area and find wifi connections when you’re travelling.What other are absolutely a must use on your travels? Comment below and we’ll check them out!


*Always check with your service provider what travel add ons are available to you and at what cost. Sometimes depending on the duration, purpose and destination of your trip it may be worthwhile to purchase travel add ons. Otherwise, you may be better off turning off certain cellular features and connecting only on Wifi networks when available.


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