5 Must-Have Travel Accessories Under $20


Here are some of my most recommended must-have travel accessories under $20 that I never leave the country without!

Whether you’re Canadian or not, travellers from the Great White North have a generally good reputation when travelling abroad.  However because of our proximity to and influence from our more boisterous neighbours to the south, we can be mistaken as having American citizenship.  Avoid the confusion and potentially snobbish interactions with locals with some Canada Flag luggage tags.  No Canadian image is more recognizable internationally than the red Maple Leaf.

Avoid embarrassments and delays at the check in counter. Use this handheld luggage scale to get an accurate measurement of your baggage weight.  Some airlines will charge you for overweight suitcases while others still will require you to remove some items from the bag to bring it within the allowed limit.

Keep your most personal belongings protected when you travel abroad with these TSA approved luggage locks. Set your own combination and be assured that your possessions will be safe. I lock my check baggage and carry-on bag for travel and throughout my travels.  The added peace of mind is well worth the price of this two-pack.

Have you had a shampoo bottle spill in your bag during travel? Or are you having to shop for travel-sized toiletries before every vacation? These bottles are something that I use and highly recommend to all travellers! They are 100mL bottles which is perfect for your carry-on, or in you want to check them in, they don’t weigh nearly as much as that bottle you found on sale at Costco. Simply transfer your favourite products into these mini bottles and you’re ready for the road.

Did you know that your credit cards are not safe even, if you have not let them out of your possession.  With the convenience of tap enabled cards, it is also possible to steal your credit card information without your knowledge.  Protect your money and your credit with RFID-blocking card sleeves. Just slide each card into one of these protectors and put them into your wallet like normal.



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